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>Forever 14
>SillyPack 2k12
>New Years Disc 2k13
>Silly Venture 2012 stuff (SpartaDos)
>Silly Venture 2012 stuff (MyDos)
>Snowman (DF7)
>Snowman (SQZ)
>Atari Interlace Studio 1.03

Nearest parties

Forever 10 - 13-15 III 2009, Trencin< ? echo $txt_zlot_slowacja;? >
Grzybsoniada - 29-31 V 2009, Częstochowa< ? echo $txt_zlot_polska;? >



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Atari Bit Byter User Club. The largest user club worldwide supporting 8bit Atari computer.

Atari 8-bit Forever

Page by Bostjan Gorisek - a programmer from the Slovenia - is a collection of everything, that may be found on the net - games, software, hardware, links, etc. We especially recommend you the ordered collection of links to interesting articles.

Atari 8-bit Resort

Since 1994 presenting you with a variety of topics dealing with the Atari 8-bit line of computers. You'll find some links and a few documents describing hardware modifications. There are also some small progrms available.

Atari Cave

Atari 8-bit game reviews, instruction, manuals, maps, tips, music, downloads and more! Site by AtariGrub.

Atari Page

One of the biggest games and reviews archives in Poland. Author: Nailer.

Atari Sap Music Archive

This is THE Atari XL/XE music archive, inspired by the mighty HVSC, contains almost 2000 POKEY tunes for your nostalgic ears :-) Site by Zdenek Eisenhammer.

Atari XL/XE Demos Page

This site covers information about the demos on the atari xl/xe homecomputer series. Furthermore you can find some diskmags, a DOS II/+ description, Manuals (Floppydrives Speedy 1050 & LDW 2000, XC12 Datasette Recorder, some info about a XC12 Turbo 6000 Baud Interface and a small schematics section (ATARI 800 XL, memory expansion). By Sven Gleich.


Simply atari.area.

Games and demos archive for A8. Site by Fanatic.

Portal atarowski, newsy, scena, download, forum, chat, gry, muzyka, grafika, soft, hard, ... Autorstwa -XI-/Satantronic & Experta.


Encyclopaedia of all Atari-related knowledge. Still in development.


While focusing on all Atari systems, Atarimania's main goal is to categorize ALL A8 gameware ever written and archive it with related information, scans, downloads... Lots of rare stuff to be found as well as different forums. We welcome contributions so feel free to e-mail us! Site by Atari Frog.

Site of my personal Atari collection and webshop. By Fred Meijer.


Games, Emulators, Reviews, Hardware Mods, and too much more...

Cas Archive

The world biggest archive of cassette files for Atari XL/XE. In addition: covers and various curiosities. By: Stryker/LaResistance.

Classic Computer Magazine Archive

Website with atarimagazines archives.


A free replacements store-house. For our 8-bit Atari, of course. If You have any spare hardware, please support.

Game maps, czech text adventure games with manuals, Fly software, software for lightgun, cheated games and many more for Atari 8-bit.


The group founded in the on of 2002 by two musician from the Atari scene: X-Ray and Greg. The originator of the project was X-Ray. The gain is to popularize Atari music on the other systems, so the Greyscale's activity is very varied. Except the composing, the group established an annual Greyscale Music Competition. The winner of the first edition was BeWu, currently the third member of Greyscale group.

Homesoft's Disk Images

Kolekcja gier posegregowanych w obrazach dysków.


MatoSimi's 8-bit Atari pages with game archive.

Mr. Atari's homepage

Home of the MyIDE-interface.

Mr.Bacardi's Homepage

Homepage of Mr. Bacardi.


MyAtari was launched in October 2000 as a free, on-line Atari magazine for all users of all Atari systems. Since then it has published regular in-depth articles and reviews for everyone to enjoy. All readers are encouraged to actively participate in writing articles and having fun supporting the magazine.

PVBest's Atari 8bits Web Site

The site covers information about how to make one's own ROMs (ATR or XFD files) with a PC computer connected to an Atari disk drive. My SIO2PC software, like ARFD, will help you with creation and edition. You will find also a lot of useful links and technical information.

RetroKel's Atari Wonderland

A collection of 8-bit Atari games, with screenshots, descriptions and downloads. Share your Atari memories on this site - email RetroKel to put your memories along-side your favorite 8-bit Atari games.

River Raid eXtreme

This is the web page of polish version of River Raid - a classic game known from such platforms as Atari or Commodore 64. The game is very simple and is suitable for everyone. In order to complete consecutive levels, you have to prove your agility destroying enemy units positioned on the river over which you will fly in your fighter. The description of this game was printed in Polish ENTER (7/2003) magazine.

Source Archive

Mega-archive of source-codes of various programs for Atari XL/XL, and for Atari-related programs from other computers. By: Stryker/LaResistance.

Syzygy Megazine on-line

An Internet version of the biggest disk magazine about 8-bit Atari and people of it.

Vjetnam 8-bit

Archive of Atari games. About 4000 game images for download, thumbnails are included.

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